Very we! :D
Well :)
Not so :(
Eyes in a heap :heap:
Really? :ooi:
So-so :so:
It is surprised :surp:
Again :ag:
I roll! :ir:
I hesitate :oops:
To you :P
Tears :cry:
I am malicious :rage:
All ok :B
Not precisely :roll:
To wink :wink:
Yes :yes:
Has bothered :bot:
Ridiculously :z)
Here :arrow:
Attention :vip:
I congratulate :Heppy:
I think :think:
Farewell :bye:
Perfectly :roul:
Fingers :pst:
Poorly :o
Veal closed :closed:
Censorship :cens:
Features :tani:
Applause :appl:
I do not know :idnk:
Singing :sing:
Shock :shock:
To give up :tgu:
Respect :res:
Alcohol :alc:
The lamer :lam:
Boxing :box:
Tomato :tom:
Cheerfully :lol:
The villain :vill:
Idea :idea:
Oops! :oops:
The big rage :E
Sex :sex:
Horns :horns:
Love me :love:
Happy birthday :poz:
Роза :roza:
Megaphone :meg:
The DJ :dj:
Rules :rul:
OffLine :offln:
Spider :sp:
Storm of applause :stapp:
Beautiful girl :girl:
Heart :heart:
Kiss :kiss:
Spam :spam:
Party :party:
Song :ser:
Dream :eam:
Gift :gift:
I adore :adore:
Pie :pie:
Egg :egg:
Concert :cnrt:
Off Topic :oftop:
Football :foo:
Cellular :mob:
Not hooligan :hoo:
Together :tog:
Pancake :pnk:
Party Time :pati:
I here :-({|=:
Head about a wall :haaw:
Angel :angel:
killer :kil:
Cemetery :died:
Coffee :cof:
Forbidden fruit :fruit:
To tease :tease:
Devil :evil:
Excellently :exc:
Not I, and he :niah:
Studio :Head:
girl :gl:
Pomegranate :granat:
Gangster :gans:
User :user:
New year :ny:
Megavolt :mvol:
In a boat :boat:
Phone :phone:
Cop :cop:
Smoking :smok:
Bicycle :bic:
Ban? :ban:
Bar :bar:

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